" I couldn't find a lipstick that made me fall in love. So I created my own."

- Madame Gabriela, Founder
Clean & Chic


A pioneer in clean high performing lipstick, Gabriela couldn't find 100% clean luxury lip care that exceeded her standards of quality, efficacy, and sustainability. 

 A 2017 visit to Herboristerie de la Place Clichy in Paris would unfold into a two years worldwide search for the right combination of ingredients sourced from the best suppliers in the world. A long way from their native homes in Sydney and Mexico City, our founders grew up worlds apart but with the same family ethos. Lipstick was like bread and milk – an everyday essential.

By 2019 Gabriela’s promise had become reality. The team’s female chemist had achieved a clean beauty coup d'etat: Mānuka honey rich goodness synthesized with a tsunami of clean ingredients. Three essential colors and one sensational lip balm able to be mixed into hundreds of color combinations, now the envy of large beauty brands for sheer simplicity. And that sleek packaging? Crafted from recycled aluminum.

28 ingredients. 11 countries. 4 essential products. 1 award-winning formula. 


We chose to avoid using plastics, use blue-beauty approved 100% post-consumer recycled inks and packaging. We are certified cruelty-free and we passionately support the community. 


Skincare for lipsFlawless non-toxic, striking in color and superior performance. Bursting with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins for healthy, gloriously pillowy lips. 


To say that this Mexico City native is having a moment would be putting it far too mildly. Everyone who meets Gabriela agrees there is something special about her and Madame Gabriela Beauty. However, if you ask Gabriela, it is the reverse: lipstick is the magic tonic with a powerful and profound capacity to make us feel good.

"Latin heritage to me is all about a passion — and from your Abuela's birthday to a first date to Sunday mornings in bed, moments of life that are worth remembering never start with a handshake, but always with a kiss. Lipstick is the ingredient of life."

Mother, business leader, first-generation American and wanderlust juggernaut, Gabriela wears many hats to seal every moment with a kiss. Welcome to her world.

xox gabriela