Madame Gabriela Clean Beauty All-Natural Lipstick Madame Gabriela Clean Beauty All-Natural Lipstick

" I couldn't find a lipstick that made me fall in love. So I created my own." - Gabriela

Madame Gabriela is a beauty brand developed to lead the culture of true clean and safe lipstick for informed and individualistic women around the world. We are dedicated to smart, strong & beautiful women who appreciate the art of style and spirit of travel.
Clean & Chic

What is so special about our formula?

“Quite simply, there is an intoxicating beauty in every swipe. Simple essential colors, well considered ingredients, indulgent kissable results: I did not feel that connection with big brands from Europe so we created a tube of everyday seduction that fans of clean living can enjoy without the drama. For me, it is just about perfect.” - Gabriela


“That mouthwatering doesn’t happen by chance. By fate or by design the ingredients tell that story for us: the Avocado oil, Chamomile flowers and Shea butter… But it’s those bees on New Zealand’s North Island that create the magic. Left alone day and night, free from chemicals, sprays and toxins. No humans in sight. The only sounds the whispers of the Kāmahi trees. Your lips tingle with that clean and chic revolution.” - Geoffrey


A time and a place. Madame Gabriela’s lip collection inspires the jet setter within us all, each universally flattering shade transporting you to the most romantic corners of the world.


Skincare for lipsFlawless non-toxic, striking in color and superior performance. Bursting with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins for healthy, gloriously pillowy lips. 


In 2017 our founders met in Paris, a long way from their native homes in Sydney and Mexico City. Gabriela and Geoffrey might have grown up worlds apart but were raised with the same family ethos. Lipstick was like bread and milk – an everyday essential. Lipstick kept coming up in their conversations and it was decided then and there, under the blooming flowers and frenzied glamour of France in May, that the search for a new kind of lipstick would begin.

 A simple visit to Herboristerie de la Place Clichy in Paris would unfold into a two years worldwide search until our Los Angeles based chemist found her award-winning formula, and the clean coup d'etat would begin. And so a woman – untamed, brilliant, curious, smart and unlike anyone else – came to life: Madame Gabriela.

Our instructions for use? Apply with attitude. Wear boldly. Pair it with laughter. Feel sensual. Always leave your mark – on your lover’s shirt collar, your mother’s cheek and the rim of your champagne glass. Every moment should end with a kiss.

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