Madame Gabriela Clean Beauty All-Natural Lipstick Madame Gabriela Clean Beauty All-Natural Lipstick


Madame Gabriela is a beauty brand developed to lead the culture of clean beauty for informed and individualistic women around the world. We are dedicated to smart, strong & beautiful women who appreciate the art of style and spirit of travel.
Clean & Chic

A Universe of Possibilities

"We had one singular goal in mind: to create the best clean luxury lipstick in the world. We started with a desire to harness the astonishing benefits of UMF 15+ Manuka honey harvested from our family of farms. After two years of research, and bolstered by Avocado oil, Chamomile flowers and Shea butter, every single swipe now showers lips in moisture and a stunning color. We’re proud to have achieved a mouthwatering pout that's as youthfully resilient as it is sumptuous and sexy." - Madame Gabriela


A time and a place. Madame Gabriela’s lip collection inspires the jet setter within us all, each universally flattering shade transporting you to the most romantic corners of the world.


Skincare for lipsFlawless non-toxic, striking in color and superior performance. Bursting with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins for healthy, gloriously pillowy lips. 

Our History

Madame Gabriela was founded by two global citizens who live in the intersection of travel, commerce and style. We decided it was time for a beauty company to cut through the "clean beauty clutter" of misinformation created by big brands, and created a truly clean luxury lipstick. After a global search to the most romantic corners of the world, our almost entirely female lead team brought to life the perfect lipstick formula. Within our collection, Madame Gabriela’s spirit of liberating sophistication lives in us all.

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