What They are Saying 💋

What They are Saying 💋

A darling of the lipstick jet-set?  Guilty as charged.

The art of navigating the world of 'best lipstick ever' comments is an art that could be studied. Play it safe and you'll fade into obscurity. Go overboard, however, and you risk becoming meme fodder for all the makeup lnsta-lovers out there. The sartorial sweet spot is to be truthful and speak your values – all of which demand a mixture of excellent taste, bravery to create the best products, and access to the best ingredients and suppliers in the world on speed dial. Take a peek at what they are saying about Madame Gabriela:  

How to Apply Lipstick - The New York Times

For makeup rookies she encounters at her stores, Jenn Streicher recommends Madame Gabriela’s manuka honey and plant-oil-infused collection of lipsticks, which have a satiny balm-like feel.



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The secret to the Madame Gabriela’s feel-good formula? Manuka honey.

The brand’s female chemist used this supercharged ingredient to create three lip colors and one balm that have been receiving rave reviews. Read More..

Meet the Maker: The Queen of Clean Lipstick

Over dinner in Paris one night, she and her co-founder Geoffrey Christiansen banded together to create a clean line of lipsticks featuring skincare ingredients like Mānuka honey. The result is an award-winning formula you’ll never want to take off.. Read More

A Lipstick that Honors Mexican Culture and Ingredients

Like bread and milk, lipstick has always been a staple of Gabriela Navejas’ life. The Mexico City native vividly remembers watching her grandmother Esther, adorned in a pearl necklace, apply lipstick daily until she passed at age 98. Following in her abuela’s footsteps, Navejas incorporated lipstick into her own beauty routine.. Read More

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We are in the last week of Hispanic Heritage Month, but the support for our compatriots (Nuestros paisanos!) will continue today and always. Beauty lovers can indulge in fab products while supporting Latin-own brands and founders of color. Read More


An Ode To Ingredient-Driven Lipstick

Lipstick is the single product that can completely transform a woman’s face, and thus her attitude, confidence and it is indeed a whole mood game changer! Read More




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