Time For A Change 💋

Time For A Change 💋

Today, I want to dive into a topic that's been making waves in the beauty industry: the recent California beauty ingredient ban. As we enter an era of heightened awareness about what we put on our lips and skin, this move represents a significant stride towards safer cosmetics. Let me share my thoughts on this matter.

California's Bold Move

Three years after California passed the Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act, which bans certain ingredients (formaldehyde and mercury among them) from personal-care products sold in the state by 2025, a new bill seeking to expand that ingredient list has been signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsome. This giant leap forward bans 38 beauty ingredients and is slated to take effect as early as next year. These include chemicals like lily aldehyde, acetaldehyde, and cyclohexylamine, which had been regularly used in cosmetics.

Starting in 2027, these ingredients will no longer be allowed. It's a transformative step, considering the state's vast population. Beauty companies are unlikely to produce products that can't be sold to California's 39 million-plus residents. This means a significant change in the way many cosmetics are formulated and manufactured.

Madame Gabriela's Commitment to Clean Luxury

Now, let me tell you why this isn't news to us. Madame Gabriela has never used ANY of the banned ingredients. NOT NOW, NOT EVER. It's not because we're following a new trend; it's because we've always been 'ingredient first' as a brand.

Our journey began with a simple philosophy: Beauty should never come at the cost of health. The European Union prohibits almost 2,000 chemicals in cosmetic products — a statistic that is often referenced. Thousands more potentially harmful chemicals could soon be prohibited in Europe under new restrictions, which campaigners have hailed as the strongest yet. The EU’s “restrictions roadmap” published in 2022, was conceived as a first step to transforming this picture by using existing laws to outlaw toxic substances linked to cancers, hormonal disruption, reproducing disorders, obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses. Industry groups say that up to 12,000 substances could ultimately fall within the scope of the new proposal, which would constitute the world’s “largest ever ban of toxic chemicals,” according to the European Environmental Bureau.

So what's happening with the rest of the USA? It's time to absolutely keep up!

In this journey of self-expression through beauty, I invite you to join us in celebrating clean luxury and supporting brands that embrace ingredients first.

Gabriela 💋

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