The World of Madame Gabriela 💋

The World of Madame Gabriela 💋

Meet Madame Gabriela, the visionary female co-founder behind our collection.

Today, she shares her five mantras that have guided her inspiring story, her major mission—and the lipstick that helps her get it all done in legendary style. In her own words, meet our queen: 

 It all boils down to five simple steps...

1. You do better, when you know better.
I have lived many fascinating lives in one. From my colorful childhood in Mexico City to my life in ever chic Paris, and then America. What has sustained my thirst for wonderful experiences is a life-long love of learning. The same can be said about “clean beauty,” because it is easy to point a finger at someone using products with dirty ingredients and judge them by that choice. It’s an education process. You skin is consuming in the same was as the rest of the body. If you're using conventional beauty products including lipstick with a ton of preservatives, fragrances and stabilizers, you're going to damage the skin's microflora, which will impair your skin function and have a negative impact for quality and appearance. Learning then creates change, and my mission is to better regulate the term “clean.” There is a lot of confusion among consumers on product labeling, from 'green' to 'clean' to 'natural’ to ‘blue' and a combination of regulations to better define these labels and education surrounding them would be helpful so consumers are able to make more educated choices. You do better, when you know better...

2. Self care is not selfish.
I have lived by the motto that every woman needs to find ten minutes per day for herself. In fact COVID has been a great lesson for many people on this point: the isolation, unpredictability, stress, fear and grief were bound to take a toll. When your well-being suffers, so does that of the people that mean the most to you. When you invest in yourself, you function more effectively and are far more equipped to handle the emotional and physical demands of tending to someone else. This is one of the reasons I see lipstick as a medicine of sorts - one swipe and you feel like a different women. It is a little touch of therapy and love all in one.  

3. Don't give advice, get advice.
The Latin part of me loves to talk, and laugh and celebrate! That is one element I love about Latin women, we are lovers of life! But no matter where you are from, we can all learn at times to just be still and listen. That is something I have taken to heart in this industry. I follow my instincts and have always believed that “clean” was better when it came to cosmetics, but when Madame Gabriela first started I had to do my research. There's a lack of education in the clean-beauty space, and I saw that as a chance to create a conversation with some fabulous women who have really been inspirational. Innovators like @tataharper from @tataharperskincare, @kendrakbutler from @alpynbeauty and @anniejackson_shopgirl and @credobeauty , to these and all the other wonderful women and their advice, ¡Salud!  And of course, remember that life’s most valuable antiques are dear old friends for their wisdom and advice. 

4. Live only in the present.
The most beautiful makeup of a woman is actually not lipstick, it’s passion (...although lipstick helps with the passion believe me!). But for passion, there must be calm. And for calm there must be the ability to live and think in the present. Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.

If you need more proof of this look no further than the bees who are an integral part of our lipstick creating the UMF 15+ Mānuka Honey that’s found in every product of our award-winning collection. The average lifespan of a honey bee is around two months, although the queen can live two to seven years! Bees are fascinating because they are constantly living ONLY in the present. Much of the hive’s daily tasks and functions are controlled not by the queen but by the pheromones and other chemical signals that appear to act at a physiological level, triggering behavioral responses in the receiver of each bee. The result is dedication and thought to the task at hand, and nothing else. How sweet it is!

5. Pack your bags, ladies. 
When I lived in Paris travel became a passion for me. Of course France and in particular the South of France takes hold of your senses from the moment you arrive and never lets go. Travel has become a need more than a want because the benefits of traveling are not just a one-time thing: traveling changes you physically and psychologically. I appreciate experiencing another culture, seeing that we have different ways of doing things but in the ways that really matter, our hopes and heart’s desire, we are more alike than different. And after a year like 2020 who isn’t ready for some adventure? Grab your lipsticks, our Lake Como explore awaits (...mi piace come mi baci!!). But remember, clean kisses only, because you know how those Italian men can be...
x MG
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