The Smell of Success 💋

The Smell of Success 💋

Hello lovers!

On the Petite Histoire's brand website, founder Jeff Smith notes that “in French a "petite histoire" is the backstory between lovers: it is the narrative that entwines them, the palpable tension that defines them.” Well, with those words, he had us at ‘Hello.'  The perfumer, entrepreneur and fellow travel seeker answers our rapid-fire quiz about everything from fragrance to Paris ahead of our special summer box collaboration.

Included in our "Scent of a Kiss" box is our award-winning range of 3 essential clean lipsticks + a sample of Petite Histoire's natural perfume collection made with natural ingredients sourced from around the world to create wildly seductive scents.

Enjoy! X


I crafted a line of 100% natural perfumes because:  

Natural raw materials are incredibly complex and lush; I loved their subtlety and nuance and wanted to create something celebrating these unique characteristics. 

What have you learned about being a creative and an entrepreneur:

Give yourself permission to rest. Creativity is a long game too often portrayed as a short one and you need time to gather inspiration, do the work and grow into things. Trust your intuition, and don't be afraid to change direction or shift course.

Sustainability and luxury can coexist, because: 

For me, luxury is creating with intent. It's about the quality of materials, the investment of time and attention to detail. Sustainability likewise requires these viewpoints. Additionally, luxury has long been about craftsmanship - creating things that will last a lifetime.  

My perfect day would begin with: 

I used to be a night owl but now I love going for early morning walks, before the city has really woken up....  whether that's through the cobblestone streets of Dumbo or sunrise on the beach in Santorini

My perfect day would end with: 

A walk along the beach, then a long dinner with friends (and wine)

If I could wake up tomorrow in any hotel, it would be: 

Mezzatorre Hotel, Ischia

Live/Work/Play: Sydney, Paris or New York? 

Live in Paris / Work in Sydney / Play in New York -- or, if this is a "pick one," Paris -no question.

My favorite 8am memory is: coffee at the cafe around the corner

My favorite 1pm memory is: catnaps after morning swims in the South of France

My favorite 7pm memory is: aperitivo with friends

The scent that most defines me is: jasmine is my favorite, but I wear Patchouli Vespéral so often it's my trademark

The beauty essential you have to pry out of my hands is: a sense of humor... but the Tata Harper resurfacing mask is a close #2...

Every woman/man should try this once in her/his lifetime: learning a new language... it will teach you patience, grace, and so much about yourself

The woman that I admire the most in life is: strong women, kind women, soft women, loud women, proud women.... I've always been surrounded by powerful women, but "powerful" is so many different things...

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