The Secret Language of a Kiss 💋

The Secret Language of a Kiss 💋

Kissing is of course your lover’s primary love language. So just in time for Valentine’s Day,  we ask:  Are you speaking that language consistently and sincerely?

The Madame Gabriela team of self-appointed “kiss-experts” share their little black book of how to read by your lips:

 “The key is to communicate your mood with your Madame Gabriela perfect pout. I think it’s important to be really in-sync with the other person. Some kissers are too forceful while others lack passion. Being able to connect with someone at their same level is key. For me the right lipstick color, taste and scent will help….no-toxics please!.” – Karla, MG Marketing, New York.

 “Understanding the art of kissing is more about body language and movement.  If he has confidence when he strokes my face during a kiss, he speaks my language. Hands should definitely be involved with touching the arm and neck. That intimate touch is the true language of a kiss.” -Alexa, MG Copywriter, Paris

 “The feel of a kiss is everything. I read a kiss by that very first touch. I can tell from the beginning if someone is good or not by the way they hold you when they’re coming in close. Then you must work the eyes, as temporary eye contact during a kiss can intensify the way it feels.” - Grant, MG Finance, New York.

 “The mouth is such an intimate part of the body, so first and foremost, a good kisser is someone who seeks consent before going in for the smooch. Nothing gets me ready to go like a man’s gentle ‘May I kiss you?’ Nothing is more romantic. Nothing.” - Paulina, MG Logistics, Los Angeles.

 “To be a good kisser, you have to make sure your lips are ready. This is a minor step with major impact on the entire process. The smell of lips. The taste of the kiss. The moisture of lips. The color of lipstick. The language of a kiss should be felt in every sense. That’s why the right lipstick is super important, and we know just the one!” - Elena, MG Chemist, Los Angeles.

 “A good kiss should feel like a conversation. Even if you’re ‘good’ at kissing, if you only have one setting, it’s a conversation non-starter. Each kiss should feel like you mean it. If you’re slowing down, add some spice and your kissing partner can responds to that and match your pace! If you slow down and your partner speeds up, you can respond to that by meeting them halfway or speeding up to meet their energy, whatever you are feeling. The speed of the passion is where you find the language.” —Virginie, MG Content Curator, Sydney.


So kiss on and find your passion lovers!




Madame Gabriela

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