Manuka Honey Bees Lipstick

The Alchemy of Honey 💋

Reinventing the way every clean kisser thinks about our golden ingredient.

It started many years ago in the early 1980’s when our two founders - one growing up on a farm in Australia and one in a chic corner of Mexico City – had their first bee hive delivered to their respective childhood homes. Their front-yards may have looked very different, but the intrigue was universal. “I was fascinated. Suddenly I had to know everything there was to know about bees and honey,” Geoffrey tells us.

Gabriela is quick to point out (as we sip on honey infused tea none the less), that the life of a queen bee is the life of Hollywood fantasy. “Like every good queen, she can be the only one ruling at any one time,” she tells us, “and in the event that two virgin honey bee queens emerge simultaneously, they fight each other to the death!” We learn that drones and queens mate in midair and drones die soon after the deed is done. It’s fantasy film brought to life!

Fast-forward a few decades and the founding family at Madame Gabriela went on a multi-year search for the world’s best honey to add to each and every lipstick. “We knew about magic of honey and that it was packed with everything we needed to complement the other ingredients our chemist had selected. Our mission was to find the right bees in the right location for maximum results,” Geoffrey added.

Enter Manuka. Manuka honey contains a group of antioxidants called phenols, and these contribute to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the honey. Thought to be anti-aging, these naturally occurring free-radical fighters help nurture and restore. “We knew Manuka honey was what we wanted as it has higher levels of antioxidant phenolic compounds than other honey, and it has been shown to contain strong antimicrobial properties,” Geoffrey continues. “At that point we had already settled on organic Avocado Oil and Chamomile Flowers as part of our ingredient wish list. Together with their vitamins, lecithin, fatty acids and soothing properties, we knew we had a winning combination to nourish and hydrate.”

The next chapter is where clean beauty takes a remarkable detour. After more than 12 months of searching, a beekeeper on the Central Plateau of New Zealand’s North Island was found. It is in that location that the natural properties of the tree are more concentrated and more powerful. This stunning land, which could be the backdrop to “drones vs. queens” movie of our founder’s dreams, is free from chemicals, sprays and toxins. Indeed it’s so remote, helicopters are used to transport many hives! The honey of Madame Gabriela’s dreams was found.

Now the fine print. Before being added to the award-winning Madame Gabriela formula, all honey is tested and certified “UMF 15+,” as well as organic and cruelty free. “UMF” stands for “Unique Manuka Factor” and is a quality trademark that is given to registered licensed beekeepers, producers and exporters of genuine Manuka honey in New Zealand. The number represents the level of unique signature compounds, methylglyoxal and dihydroxyacetone present in that specific honey – this is what gives the honey its purity and quality. The higher the number, the greater the content.

Next time you lock lips with Madame Gabriela, remember goodness from around the world makes every kiss clean.


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