A Kiss to the City of Love

A Kiss to the City of Love

Paris, I consider, to be the most romantic destination of this world.

Every time I sit down to write about Paris I just don’t know how to explain this city and what it has given me. I struggle to find the right words and I can’t even pinpoint what exactly I love about Paris as it’s not just one physical building, a shop or an area.

To put it even more abstractly, Paris moves my soul.

I had the opportunity of living in Paris for a few years in my early 30's. During this time I was able to breathe, feel, touch and see Paris in a way that sometimes you can't do by only visiting for a few days.

I cherish those afternoons spent walking through Paris corners that are hardly known as tourist areas, where I would observe the mix between the history that  Paris cannot escape but at the same time the way of living that has been so admired everywhere else in the world.

One of the things that caught my attention during those times is of course, the dressing code of French women. A topic discussed over and over through times. I noticed by sitting at endless cafes in different neighborhoods that French women are not afraid of the color red. 

Whether it was red shoes, a red scarf , a red bag or a red lipstick - living there changed by view for the color red. The perfect accent of the ultimate femininity.

This is why - when Madame Gabriela was coming to life - the most perfect red shade of lip color had to be named after my love for the City of Lights and of course at the best time of the day..7PM.

The lights of the city dance gently on the Seine. You’re in your favorite café.  Waiting.  Suddenly you look up. Your heart skips a beat. Your lips curl in a smile of anticipation. It’s 7:00 PM.  

 Some of the greatest love stories can happen when you least expect it 💋






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