Paris is Always a Good Idea 💋

Paris is Always a Good Idea 💋

The City of Light will always be home to Madame Gabriela. Our founders met in the 7th, our first photo shoot started in the Marais, our first (of many) innovative ingredients was suggested near Montmartre and of course our signature red wears her name. So it seems only fitting that as Paris opens back up for business, we open our little black book and showcase some favorites.

Are you ready to join us? Let’s go.


“Food is always on our mind. So my first stop on my next trip is to see, taste and experience everything and anything by Arnaud Donckele whose breathtaking food at La Vague d’Or in St Tropez (another MG favorite!) has won him three Michelin stars. His first Paris restaurant is about to open inside the envy-bound Cheval Blanc hotel by the Pont Neuf. Trust me, this is the PARIS AT 7PM invite that will get a "oui!" faster than any other in the city in 2020/2021 so get your lipstick on and get moving!” - Geoffrey


“Of course for any PARIS AT 7PM celebration you’ll need some daytime preparation. When I lived in Paris, breakfast tended to be just a croissant from Maison Isabelle. It’s where you go to find a classic version of a croissant. Generously buttered and delightfully crispy, her unique recipe uses flour from Moulins de Brasseuil and butter from Pamplie dairy farmers. Then after coffee, I’ll reapply my lipstick and head to one of my favorite Saturday morning rituals, strolling Avenue Georges V and over Pont de l’Alma to the Musée du Quai Branly. It has this amazing vertical garden and the textiles are wonderful. Magnifique!” – Gabriela


“Handbags are my heroin, and Paris allows me to go into overdrive. One-of-a-kind shoppers and clutches from interior designer François-Joseph Graf are always a good buy, at least that is what I tell myself! Not too obvious and the highest quality in the city, you really cannot go wrong. Each handmade design is unique and as special as the experience of visiting his opulent Graf Paris showroom on Avenue Montaigne. I’ve lost count of the number of compliments I’ve received from strangers while carrying my Graf Mondrian Cabas bag, and did I mention it’s perfect to hold a collection of Madame Gabriela lipsticks?” - Gabriela


“After a restorative citron pressé at the Café des Beaux Arts next door, we’ll walk over Pont des Arts to the superb bookshop at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. The route takes us past IM Pei’s glass pyramid outside the Louvre, which always impresses me; Paris does that mix of modern and classic architecture so well.” – Geoffrey


“7PM and Paris feels like 4pm in most other cities. Around 7pm if I haven’t invited friends over, I might see a contemporary dance show at Théâtre de la Ville or go to a concert at Cité de la Musique. I’ve been a member for years, even after leaving Paris and go about 10 times a year. Then there is the Théâtre de Poche, a small place in Montparnasse that specializes in finding new talent, from actors to comedians – the latter can be very funny, if you can cope with French humor. Or take in a film at La Pagode, an 1890s eastern fantasy where the setting makes for a special experience and the choice of art-house films is pretty good. Regardless of what proceeds it, PARIS AT 7PM’s affair should always end in a [Madame Gabriela] kiss.” - Gabriela


“Is there anywhere more perfect for a late night kiss than Paris? A recent find for me (pre kiss!) is a jazz club in Paris called Duc des Lombards. It serves good food, plays fabulous music and has a seductive vibe, perfect for those red PARIS AT 7PM lips! The musicians it books come from all over and it really represents the best in jazz right now. ” - Geoffrey


“Embrasse-moi!  Kissing in Paris is always by the river for me. Pont des Arts may be better-known as a romantic destination for it's the famed "love lock" bridge, but Pont Neuf is just as romantic but without the tourists. First time visitors kiss on Pont des Arts, but let me tell you LOVERS ..lock lips on Pont Neuf!” - Gabriela

Enjoy and remember CLEAN KISSES ONLY!


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