Lipstick Reimagined

Lipstick Reimagined

What percentage of potential toxic ingredients do you want to absorb every time you apply lipstick? Our answer is zero. 

So our story began..

Clean beauty is a term that took the industry by surprise and in may ways leaves the customer confused. 

So what does clean beauty really means for us? Clean beauty for us means choosing safer ingredients to create a formula that really works.

When we started our journey we knew that we wanted to remove all the common hormone disruptors that research has shown can cause harm. Among those we found: PGE's, phthalates and the mystery word: fragrance (learn more here)

We knew we wanted to remove talc, petroleum-based products, glycols and parabens. Then we researched the European Union regulations for cosmetics and we wanted to eliminate any ingredient that was not approved by the EU since they do regulate the cosmetic industry far more than the US.

We had a list of up to date "suspicious" ingredients where research is currently undergoing but no clear conclusions have been drafted such as phenoxyethanol. 

Lastly, we work with an amazing chemistry team in Los Angeles that has dedicated their life to work on safe cosmetic formulations, a team that keeps  up to date on global ingredients research and brings over 20+ years of formulation experience in the beauty industry, Together, we are in constant research for safer formulations that can provide high-performance and overall wellness to our customer. 

So, with the right guidance, research and perfect ingredients synergy and after 2 years, we are now able to offer a reimagined lipstick safe formula that not only your lips are going to love, but your entire body will thank you for it too.

We disclose all our ingredients in our website, so to learn more please visit each product page where you will find a full formula disclose.


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