Lipstick in the Age of Covid19 💋

Lipstick in the Age of Covid19 💋

Hello lovers,

Seven months into a pandemic and we are still trying to get used to a new normal as it refers to beauty. Now that fall is here and dropping temperatures lead to drier lips, it is time to layer up for a season of lips that impress. But should the current environment change your habits? Simple answer: no.

During these last months, we came to the realization particularly with the increase in Zoom, face-time and video meetings, that our lips always hold center stage. Regardless of masks or not, there was no better time to truly reward them with pout-tastic love.

The facts are that the use of an ultra-hydrating lipstick formula rich in essential nutrients that support collagen production is a must for your lips, everyday. That is because the skin on your lips is extremely thin and your blood stream absorbs ingredients much more easily than anywhere else because of this, therefore the ingredients matter.

Adding to this, the mistake of substituting lip color for lip balm may not be the wisest. Why? The problem with lip balm is not just that many have hash ingredients, but that the vast majority of them have no sun protection built in. Some dermatologists also feel that the shiny nature of balms attracts the rays of the sun, gathering them and focusing them onto the lips like a magnifying glass. As a matter of fact, nude lipsticks provide better photo protection than SPF-containing lip balms because they have excellent substantivity.

So how do I care for my lips in the age of Coronavirus? One sheer swipe of our subtle nude SYDNEY AT 8AM, followed by one swipe of either PARIS AT 7PM (red) or NEW YORK AT 1PM (pink) to bring out your natural color. I know the color payoff works but more importantly I know the benefit of the right ingredients and in particular Manuka Honey. It contains a unique range of beneficial oligosaccharides and prebiotics, amino acids, polyphenolic and other plant-derived compounds to impart goodness and antibacterial benefit. For lips full of goodness. Full of protection. Full of life.


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