Let's Talk About Lingerie 💋

Let's Talk About Lingerie 💋

Lingerie & Lipstick in Paris

What could match the perfect lipstick more than the world’s best lingerie? It is well documented that the City of Light has at least one lingerie boutique in almost every area.  Let's visit some..

Fifi Chachnil: With a distinctive wink to vintage silhouettes and the traditions of cabaret, we are in love with Fifi. The retail experience alone is a textbook to the art of femininity, with the boudoir atmosphere adding a sense of unexpected delight. The very whimsical designer Delphine Véron founded the brand in 1983 and gives fabulous names to her most alluring pieces. Sexy, well made and fabulous (231 rue St-Honoré). We think New York at 1PM is the perfect shade to go with Fifi's fabulous pieces.

Cadolle: Herminie Cadolle was a French inventor of the modern bra and founder of the Cadolle Lingerie House. Today the Cadolle company is a world leader in intimate luxury, with a range of lingerie that truly draws the curves and supports the feminine attributes.  The boutique (4 Rue Cambon) is always on our list. Nothing like Paris at 7PM while you are wearing this fabulous lingerie.

Carine Gilson: You now know that Madame Gabriela supports everything made by hand and made with care.  Gilson’s lingerie ((18 rue de Grenelle) is outrageously beautiful, and completely handmade, using only natural silks and French lace. Sydney at 8AM is the perfect nude for this delicate lace.

Sabbia Rosa: Gorgeous high-quality silk and lace lingerie is the name of the game at the famed Sabbia Rosa (73 rue des Sts-Pères). The label has developed a near cult status amongst fashionistas, and the Madame Gabriela team has visited multiple times and can attest to its appeal. The shop’s emerald green-accented and bronze lamp-lit interior that evokes the dressing room of an Old Hollywood starlet. The quality is superb and the service and attentiveness of the team is like nothing we’ve experienced before. An absolute gem. Make sure you pair it with Paris at 7PM.

Louise Feuillère:  Let us introduce you to an icon. Ms. Feuillère uses only French lace from the Calais area near the Belgian border, as well as washable silks from France and Italy and sheer plumetis cotton from Switzerland to create magic. The shop’s real specialty, though, is ensuring the perfect fit and some of the best service in town (102 rue des Dames).

From old-fashioned corsetières to tiny boudoirs, there is no reason to leave Paris without an intimate find made for love.


Madame Gabriela


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