Think Thin! 💋

Think Thin! 💋

Like many of you, I was no stranger to the world of anti-aging. Before starting Madame Gabriela, my thoughts on skincare often leaped to lotions, serums, and treatments designed exclusively for my face and body, inadvertently overlooking my lips. Yet, it's crucial to recognize that our lips are an integral part of our skin, albeit with distinct characteristics that necessitate specialized care. Allow me to explain:

At first glance, our lips might appear similar to the rest of our skin, but a closer look reveals significant differences. One of the most noticeable contrasts is the thinness of the lip skin, which consists of merely three to four layers, in stark contrast to the 15 to 16 layers found elsewhere on our bodies.

You might wonder why this is the case. The answer lies more in evolution than beauty. The evolutionary development of the lips' thin skin is multifaceted, tied to their functional and sensory roles. Lips are highly innervated and vascular, enhancing their sensitivity and ability to detect temperature and tactile stimuli—critical for food intake and social interactions, including speech and expressions of emotion. The thin skin promotes these sensory functions, allowing for improved flexibility and movement, crucial for forming words and facial expressions - like kissing! This reduced barrier means that substances applied to the lips, such as lipsticks, are absorbed more readily into the bloodstream. The more I learn, the more it makes sense because I can feel, taste, and smell what my lips have absorbed well before the best eye serums I use have had an effect.

Acknowledging the paramount importance of ingredient safety and efficacy, my lip care products are formulated with 28 all-natural, non-toxic ingredients. These components are safe and rich in vitamins and antioxidants to profoundly nourish your lips and fortify their delicate protective barrier. Our commitment to ingredient integrity ensures that your lips receive the care they deserve, safeguarding them against dehydration and the harmful effects of radiation.

x Gabriela

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