The Kissing Guide 💋

The Kissing Guide 💋

Get ready, Miss Mistletoe. The season of grand gestures, firelit evenings and romantic getaways has finally arrived. Forget the presents, mulled wine and snow-covered treetops—you know that the holidays are all about kissing. Whether unexpected or passionately planned, holiday lip-locks never disappoint. Just pack your bags and grab your favorite Madame Gabriela shade of lipstick before setting off on an international adventure of love.

The “Up All Night” Kiss

Do you like to spend your holidays floating from city-to-city, party-to-party? We get it. Start in the city that never sleeps to steal a kiss from a charming stranger (don’t forget to paint your lips with our bold New York at 1PM pink for an extra dose of confidence). Then, jet-set to the city best known for its irresistible allure: Paris. Grace every party with your presence in the city of love while flirting with sophistication in Madame Gabriela’s classic red Paris at 7PM.

The “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Kiss

It’s a scene we all know and adore—you and your loved one watch the snow fall outside as the embers of the roaring fireplace creep nearer and nearer. You’re tucked away in a mountain chalet—think Banff or Megève—with only each other’s company to keep you warm. Prepare to pucker up with Paris at 7PM before an evening of cozy love. 

The “Between the Vines” Kiss

Satisfy your California dreaming with a trip to Napa’s wine country this season. Get your tastebuds going as you sip on the region’s newest varietals of Cabernet and Chenin Blanc before getting lost in some of the world’s most beautiful vineyards. Echo the brightness of the valley with a swipe of our New York at 1PM before making the grape leaves your mistletoe and sharing an unforgettable kiss with your favorite travel partner. 

The “Surfside” Kiss

Not a fan of winter’s wonderland? Escape to the sunshine on the Australian coast. Bask in Sydney’s summer glow as you wear little else but seductive smiles. Seek adventure in our sexy nude lip color Sydney at 8AM while finding that perfect secluded spot on the sand to have your From Here to Eternity moment.

Wherever your holiday plans take you this season, always be in the lookout for neck kisses, coffee dates and midnight rides.


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