International Women's Day 💋

International Women's Day 💋

As we embrace International Women's Day, a day globally marked to celebrate women's achievements and resilience, I reflect deeply on the profound influence women have had on my life. Growing up in Mexico City, my homeland has always been a source of inspiration and strength, rich in culture and history. It's a place where women have left an indelible mark, not just within our borders but echoing far beyond, shaping the world with their contributions, courage, and creativity. Let's delve deeper into the lives of these remarkable women:

Frida Kahlo - Perhaps one of the most renowned figures in art history, Frida Kahlo is celebrated for her deeply personal and symbolic paintings, many of which are self-portraits reflecting her own pain and suffering. Kahlo's work explores themes of identity, postcolonialism, gender, class, and race in Mexican society. Her legacy extends beyond art; she is an icon of feminism, resilience, and the expression of one's authentic self.

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz - A 17th-century nun, poet, and scholar, Sor Juana was a pioneering advocate for women's rights and education. Known as the "Tenth Muse," her literature and poetry challenged the societal norms of her time, arguing for the intellectual rights and spiritual equality of women. Her passionate defense of women's education was groundbreaking and continues to inspire.

Rosario Castellanos - A prominent poet and author, Castellanos addressed issues of gender oppression, the plight of indigenous peoples, and the existential tensions in Mexican society. Her work provided a voice to the silent and marginalized, making her one of Mexico's most important feminist voices.

Maria Izquierdo - A celebrated painter, Izquierdo was among the first Mexican women to gain international recognition. She broke away from the dominant Mexican muralism movement to express her own identity and femininity through her art, portraying scenes of daily Mexican life, culture, and traditions.

Graciela Iturbide - One of the most important and influential Latin American photographers of the last four decades, Iturbide's photography is celebrated for its poignant portrayal of Mexico's indigenous cultures and landscapes. Her work explores themes of ritual, death, and the role of women in Mexican culture, offering a profound narrative of her country's social and cultural fabric.

These women, among many others, have painted Mexico's history with broad strokes of courage, creativity, and unwavering spirit. They have left indelible marks on their respective fields, challenging societal norms and paving the way for future generations of women to dream bigger and achieve greater.

As a mother, my dreams for the future are not only for my child but for all the daughters and sons of the world. I envision a future where the barriers that still stand firm in too many fields become relics of the past. Despite the progress we've celebrated, there remain bastions of male dominance that urgently need dismantling. In fields like science, technology, engineering, mathematics, politics, finance, and aerospace, women are vastly underrepresented. My dream is of a world where women lead with compassion and strength, driving positive change in every corner of the world, where gender equality in leadership, pay, and opportunity is not an aspiration but a reality.

Respect to all the women, today and everyday, 
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