The Art of Clean [Kisses] 💋

The Art of Clean [Kisses] 💋

Hello lovers!

This month’s conversation is a very special introduction to the world of Common Good founder Sacha Dunn.

We love to shine a light on other female lead businesses and this one is a much-loved sensation. Hailing from Australian (like our co-founder), Sacha has brilliantly created a thriving industry-disrupting business from a simple observation: the amount of single-use plastic used around the home was too high, and that there was no company making refillable soaps and cleaners that were also truly safe for the environment.

Like Madame Gabriela, Common Good products are made with gentle, plant-based ingredients and scented with 100% pure essential oils. Their mission is to reduce plastic packaging by offering beautiful, refillable bottles - and let us tell you by way of personal experience - their ‘Oh so chic’ products hold their own in terms of effectiveness. As GOOP observed, "Once you do a single load with this detergent, you will seriously never go back." Their range has expanded to a variety of amazing products all with the MG kiss of approval.

Enjoy! X



  1. I created by business because: I wanted to reduce the amount of single-use plastic packaging we use with household soaps and cleaner. I also wanted better quality and safer ingredients as well as design that I wanted to see out on the counter.
  2. The three qualities I thought were important in business were:  To make something that is truly better, transparency, and humanity.
  3. The three qualities I now know matter: Solving a problem, honesty, safety.
  4. What have you learned about being a creative and an entrepreneur is: There is more than one way to run a business. Bringing your creative brain to the work allows you to see things from different angles and find solutions which I believe are better for the product, the brand, and most importantly, the people. 
  5. Sustainability and luxury can coexist, because: They must exist. There are no more excuses for making a shoddy product. Consumers will demand brands do better.
  6. The woman I admire most is: Too many to name! Right now, I’m going to say Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of NZ. She prevented the pandemic and gave a press conference during an earthquake. She’s a superhero. I wish she was leading my countries.
  7. My perfect day would begin with: Coffee and a run in the park
  8. My perfect day would end with: Prosecco outside with friends/family
  9. If I could wake up tomorrow in any hotel, it would be: Neemrana Fort Palace in India 
  10. *My favorite 8am memory is: Running along the East River looking out at Manhattan as the sun rises
  11. *My favorite 1pm memory is: A family trip to The Met followed by a picnic in Central Park
  12. *My favorite 7pm memory is: Early dinners with friends and family in Brooklyn. Good food, music, wine, and company!
  13. The product of mine that most defines me is: Bergamot dish soap. It just smells so good and makes my least-favorite chore so much nicer.
  14. Every woman/man should try this once in her/his lifetime: Take the chance to change something in your life that you don’t like. Whether it’s your job, study, travel, move to another city or country. It is really scary to make the big changes but we only get one life so make it count. 
  15. The lips I remember most are: My kid’s lips, with their sweet little kisses.



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