‘High-Performance’ in Lipstick 💋

‘High-Performance’ in Lipstick 💋

What does "High-Performance” mean? 

Particularly in the cosmetic industry, which does not regulate the use of certain claims—“natural,” “green” and “pure,” to name a few—the true meaning behind the words you see on bottles isn’t always clear. And when it comes to “high performance” to describe lipsticks, the waters become a tad muddier. That’s because toxic and controversial ingredients indeed help enhance certain characteristics of lipsticks (such as intensity and endurance), but these features often become compromised as the unsafe ingredients are removed. 

Rich & Delicious Color Payoff

High-performance lipsticks must deliver an intense wash of color and envelop lips instantly, beautifully, decadently. Sheer layers that get blotchy as you build simply won’t do. Each Madame Gabriela lipstick was formulated to be saturated with a rich burst of pigments—so even if the shade itself is soft and subtle, it delivers full coverage in a single swipe or two.  

Covetable Longevity

Between the blurry rush through TSA PreCheck and sips of champagne during takeoff and all the way to your final destination, high-performance lipsticks must look incredible for hours upon hours. We created an all-clean, kiss-proof formula that rivals its mainstream counterparts in its ability to stay in place without smudging or budging.

Serum-Level Nourishment

High-performance lipsticks must bathe lips with a treasure trove of natural ingredients that infuse skin with moisture and nourishment while respecting its delicate nature. After all, a smooth, healthy and flake-free canvas is foundational to a standout pout. Madame Gabriela has infused our lipsticks with the highest-possible-grade New Zealand Manuka honey to bind moisture to the lips and create a visible plumping effect, extracts from thyme and rosemary to support firmness and vitality, and chamomile to keep the lips soothed, healthy and balanced. 

Universally Flattering Shades

High-performance lipsticks must complement and capture the beauty of all people, regardless of the hue of their skin and lips. Our capsule collection was meticulously tested on a wide swath of shades and undertones to ensure each color is universally flattering and inclusive. Whether you choose to embrace your minimalist nature with Sydney at 8PM (nude), unleash your inner glam with Paris at 7PM (classic red) or unravel your most confident self with New York at 1PM (deep pink), you can enhance your visage at any time, in any place, for any mood.

After a years-long process sourcing the most powerful ingredients from around the world, we meticulously formulated (and re-formulated) until our tubes of kisses exceeded our wildest expectations.

We’re proud to present our capsule collection of gorgeously sumptuous lipsticks that we can promise you are 100% clean and 100% high-performance. So you can let your lips do all the talking without uttering a word (or checking the mirror).

A winning kiss starts now.


Madame Gabriela


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