October is MY History Month 💋

I was born and raised in Mexico City. And while I have loved living and working in France and the United States, I am deeply rooted in my culture and admiration for my people. I feel at home in Mexico City.

Madame Gabriela is inspired by my heritage: the way we connect with color, our commitment to celebrating life and love, and our sense of European-inspired styling. Where each of us comes from determines our future, and Latin America's chicest address is responsible for my sense of color and style and, therefore, your lip's favorite colors.

So, where would I recommend you to explore first? Here are five of my favorite areas to find some Madame Gabriela inspiration:

1. Polanco is the center of the good life in Mexico City. I often begin my stays with a stroll down Avenida Presidente Masaryk, sometimes called the Mexican Champs-Élysées. But the Champs-Élysées is so imposing and intimidating. Instead, this thoroughfare - though dotted with world-class brands - feels like the heartbeat of a small community beating within a much larger metropolis. What to wear: PARIS AT 7PM.

2. Mexico City may be an urban hub, but even one of the biggest cities in the world needs space to breathe. That's why Parque México, with its art deco design and beautiful flora, has earned the name "the lungs of the city." My favorite time to visit is the early afternoon. Go for a stroll through the tree-lined paths and stop to watch local performers in the central plaza. Once you've had your fill, head to Churrería El Moro for fresh churros and a traditional cup of Mexican hot chocolate. Absolute bliss! What to wear: SYDNEY AT 8AM.

3. Xochimilco is a unique area just outside Mexico City that's made up entirely of canals and chinampas (artificial mini-islands). The canals connect Mexico City to the smaller villages in the Valley of Mexico and enable farmers to sell their goods. Today, brightly painted trajineras (gondola-like boats) also take both locals and tourists on short trips to the sound of music and clinking glasses, but I come here for the endless color; it is one of the brightest areas of the city. What to wear: go colorful with NEW YORK AT 1PM.

4. Coyoacán is an excellent area to go for a relaxed walk and get lost in its streets. It is located south of Mexico City and boasts beautiful colonial architecture that's the perfect antidote to a crisp fall day. Don't forget Frida Kahlo's "Blue House" is situated here too! The are plenty of museums, parks, shopping, and cultural activities. What to wear: SAINT-TROPEZ AT 11AM.

5. Day or night, Mexico's heart beats in the Centro. With more than 1,500 historic buildings, ancient Aztec ruins, vibrant art, and some of the nation's most absorbing museums, the Centro Histórico is the place to channel your inner culture vulture. Follow my lead, and take an early evening stroll through the Zócalo, Latin America's largest main square. You can take in the dramatic Diego Rivera murals housed in Palacio Nacional, just a stone's throw away from another favorite, Templo Mayor, a sacred Aztec temple with a world-class onsite museum. What to wear: A swipe of NEW YORK AT 1PM and two swipes of PARIS AT 7PM.

There is so much to discover in the diversity and richness of all our cultures. I invite you to take time to explore and celebrate mine sometime. x Gabriela
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