Earth Day Kisses 💋

Earth Day Kisses 💋

Fewer products & Quality over quantity

Conscious living is at the heart of Madame Gabriela. Over the years, it has been our intent to foster a team and create a business that honors and respects both the people we deal with and the planet we live on. Our team is constantly striving and challenging ourselves to look at ways to foster a more sustainable approach to beauty without sacrificing on design or the end product - and the result has been better than the alternative.

We work in an environment that actively reduces waste (plastic-free centric), creates a more circular lifecycle of products and packaging (our recycling program), and honor a more mindful approach to the things we acquire (a smaller footprint of shades). Quality over quantity, timeless over immediacy, slow beauty over mass production.

Our commitment to creating positive change in the beauty industry has led us on an incredible journey around the world, where we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with like-minded suppliers, farmers, and retailers on the forefront of change and who at their core believe in creating lasting change in the industry. Now more than ever, we believe a sustainable approach to plastic-free or low plastic design is no longer a choice; it is required for modern living and the future.

We still have a long way to go, but this year Madame Gabriela has made a commitment as a business to continue to develop and implement everyday actions that help us be more transparent, accountable and conscious in everything we do. We are ready, and we are excited.

Are you ready to join us?


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