Clean Lipstick Matters 💋

Clean Lipstick Matters 💋

What's in your lipstick formula? Take the challenge.

While the perfect red lip should be shorthand for elegance, sophistication and confidence all at the same time, the perfect lipstick shouldn’t shortchange your health.

Each ingredient in our award-winning collection has undergone obsessive testing to ensure its purity not only by adhering strictly to 100% clean substances, but also by shrinking popular ingredients like palm oil, mineral oil, butylene glycol, parabens and petroleum-based chemicals.

We take a step beyond that by avoiding substances that are even slightly controversial, like the preservative phenoxyethanol or penetration-enhancing glycols.

Why is this important? Research has found lead, cadmium, chromium, manganese, titanium and aluminum in a range of lipsticks from various mainstream brands. Research also found that people who wear lipstick apply an average of 24mg per day.

For those who paint their pouts on the daily, that’s about 1.5 pounds over a lifetime (the weighty equivalent of three or four glasses of your favorite Cabernet). That number rises quickly when you take re-applications into account. Some of that lipstick is ingested directly, while certain ingredients also penetrate into the skin.

We don’t stop there. Cadmium and chromium are also worthy of attention because of their alleged carcinogenic effects. There’s also a range of preservatives that are potentially harmful—and aren’t restricted at all—chief among them being parabens and formaldehyde donors. Both classes of preservatives have been connected to disrupting the endocrine system, another reason they are absent from our ingredient list.

Be sure you check for BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) and artificial fragrances,  2 VERY common ingredients of mainstream brands. Both possible carcinogens within the guidelines of Health Canada restricted for use in cosmetic products. 

While you are reviewing your lipstick labels, here is a great source we recommend:


Get real. Take our ingredient challenge against your favorite lipstick and kiss clean!

X Madame Gabriela


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