Wanderlust: A Love Story 💋

Wanderlust: A Love Story 💋

Some say wanderlust is simply a state of mind, an imaginary destination hidden from the recesses of reality. For Madame Gabriela, it is an invitation to daydream: to discover a universe of possibilities and a world of unchartered exhilaration.

You understand that to travel the world is to experience the unforgettable: a golden sunrise over Botany Bay, the city lights glistening above the Seine and the seductive bustle of Fifth Ave. You crave romance, excitement, and beauty. You look for inspiration at every turn and live to uncover the unexpected. You’re every artist’s muse—whether you realize it or not.

At Madame Gabriela, we celebrate your lust for life. We know that impeccable style and alluring sophistication are immutable. Charm and grace follow you across the globe, from conquering the streets of Manhattan and diving somewhere along the Pacific, to sipping a Kir-Royale at L’Avenue. 

New York 

Revel in the city that never sleeps. Find confidence and electric energy on every corner. Soar from meeting to meeting, see your power reflected in the mirrored glass of the nearby skyscraper. Be an uptown girl with a downtown attitude....


Dazzle on your way to the neighborhood bistro. Relish in the evening’s limitless potential. Fall in love with every glance, every smile, every moment. Get lost in the storied alleyways, just because you want to...


Wake up to sunlight dancing across your face. Bask in the freedom of endless sky and cream-colored sand. Watch the foam-topped waves move across the sea. Know that you’re exactly where you need to be...

Because a kiss should always rouse wanderlust.


Madame Gabriela


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