Wanderlust: A December Love Story 💋

Wanderlust: A December Love Story 💋


At a point in changing times, it is important to keep our spirit of wanderlust. Team MG is fortunate that we are frequently visitors (and residents) to three of the world’s most inspiring cities: Paris, New York and Sydney.  Like a spider - perhaps a very chic spider - we have each been caught up in the magic of the three cites we know and love. Each in their own way inspired our brand journey and are honored in our naming of PARIS AT 7PM, NEW YORK AT 1PM, and SYDNEY AT 8AM.

So allow us for a minute to transport you to a place far away, for a little December wanderlust. 

Paris is of course, collective fantasy. From the booksellers along the Seine to the gray zinc rooftops of its cream stone buildings, there is more wanderlust in the City of Light than there are kisses on Valentine’s Day. For ages, the city has been the place to turn for lessons in l’art de vivre, the art of living, influencing fashion, philosophy, culture, art and gastronomy around the world. Today, pop-up shops and hipster brunch spots are as much a part of Paris as street lamps and Gothic architecture. But the romance of the city is timeless.

Our pick to rekindle some Paris love? Find it in Monet’s galleries at the Musée de l’Orangerie. Reopening on December 16, the eight paintings that surround you in the two famous oval rooms were Monet’s final works and some of his most enchanting. He gifted them to the city of Paris as a symbol of peace on the conclusion of the First World War and their ethereal beauty has endured for almost a century. If you can’t make it to the artist’s incredibly romantic gardens in Giverny, this is the perfect substitute and no better place for your first...Paris kiss.

Next stop, New York. Team MG loves the noise, the energy and the movement of the City that Never Sleeps. But this December, let’s take a different approach. Join us to run towards the most Jane Austen-worthy daydreams and steal away into one of New York City's many secret gardens and green spaces for an extended kissing session (with your regular lover of course, so there’s no social distancing required…). Who needs a castle or a busy gem store when you've got the Cloisters and the New York Botanical Garden? Both have virtual activities so even if you are not in New York, for a few minutes you just might feel like you are. 

Finally, Sydney, the emerald city of Australia. Madame Gabriela customers and fans that live in this golden jewel of the Pacific will tell you that life in December 2020 looks very good compared to the rest of the world. And with temperatures nudging 30 degree Celsius (85 Fahrenheit) is there anywhere better than the water? Ordinarily of course, we would make a run for famous Sydney Harbour, but for a little more focus, join us this December in Middle Harbour’s Bantry Bay. In a city obsessed with views, Bantry Bay remains a comparatively little-seen and little visited. This tiny strip of water is cradled and kissed by lush and spectacularly colored bushland of Garigal national park. Along the bay’s western shores are historical shacks once used to store explosives, but today a repository of peace and quiet. It is so quiet that you may get to the chance to listen to falling water, the sound of birds and even the wind rushing through those beautiful trees. After some quiet time you may then be ready to energize. Luckily, not even in Bantry Bay can you leave behind that other Sydney obsession, coffee, with "Garry the coffee boat man" chugging around the bay servicing those who may need to leave their lipstick mark on their favorite Cappuccino cup. 

Discover our version of wanderlust with one swipe of PARIS AT 7PM, NEW YORK AT 1PM, AND SYDNEY AT 8AM from the Madame Gabriela Beauty collection
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