Red lip

The Signature Accessory 💄

 The Power of Red 💋

"I believe in the power of a red lipstick and in the confidence that it gives you when you put it on" - Gabriela

The perfect red lipstick is the one thing that can’t be compared to any other makeup product or piece of clothing.

Full of sensuality, allure, intensity and mystery, red lips have been a staple in the collection of women for over 5,000 years. Red lipstick has been worn by celebrities, royalty and working entrepreneurial women. Cultures from the Mesopotamian women to the French have embodied a red lip for longer than time can tell.

For Madame Gabriela, our perfect red lipstick Paris at 7PM represents a blend of that confidence behind femininity and the self-assurance.

In fact, nearly all women own a tube of red lipstick, whether it’s the favorite shade they’ve been wearing devotedly for years, or as a beauty boost to use for any special occasion.

One can pair this perfect red lip with anything ranging between jeans and a t-shirt on a Sunday afternoon to that elegant little black dress for a night out in Paris 7PM.

On days when the boldness in you is ready to be unleashed, this is the lipstick that will carry you to another level and underline every word that the lips utter.

Although you might think that red lipstick is too powerful or strong for you, it is not. The trick behind pulling off such a fierce color is wearing it with confidence and ascertain the power that comes with it.

Bring this unmatched red lipstick with you to every occasion from a coffee at your local café to the vibrant night life.


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