Kisses for Australia

Cover image credit: Alex Ellinghausen / Sydney Morning Herald
Over the Holiday period, I made the usual journey to my family’s farm in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. 

This year it was different with Australia now ravaged by flames fueled by high temperatures, no rain, and climate change. Returning home to such devastation throughout much of the country was truly heartbreaking. From personal experience, I understand the situation better than most: my parents, honey farmers from central NSW, are now battling with a drought that has not seen a single drop of rain in three full years. Not a drop. The earth is no longer “dry" under foot; the soil and farmland are now dead. If that was not enough, many of the farmers we met when initially beginning to source ingredients for the clean Madame Gabriela Beauty formula in late 2018 have now lost everything in the fires. Half a billion animals have died in bushfires in NSW alone, with a similar number expected to be lost in Victoria and a devastating loss of koala life in South Australia. 

There is, however, one winner in this battle. That of the human spirit. The real heroes of the fires are the everyday men and women volunteering to risk their lives to protect people, homes, animals and communities. Many have been on hand to help for several months, working around the clock with little to no rest and missing their own families over the holiday period. Indeed now several brave fighters have lost their lives protecting others as a fire as large as Switzerland comes closer and closer.
The NSW Rural Fire Services has created dedicated bank accounts to collect donations for the families of volunteer firefighters who have been tragically killed while on duty this fire season. To continue our support, the Madame Gabriela team will be donating 50% of all sales of our Australian-inspired, clean luxury lipstick, Sydney at 8AM today through Australia Day (January 26), to the accounts set up for the families of Samuel McPaul, Geoffrey Keaton, and Andrew O’Dwyer on a rotating basis (a screen shot of each payment will be sent to customer emails within 48 hours of purchase as proof of donation). Click HERE to make a personal donation.

Finally, thank you and a big kiss to everyone who has donated so far.
Australia feels your support and appreciates your love
Geoffrey C.  - Co-Founder